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Steelplan Supersized

We don’t just do small-scale sheet metal fabrication: here are three Steelplan Products projects on a supersized scale, from cross country rail projects to the big screen.

Crossrail – Stainless Steel Fibre Enclosures
It has started to seem like everyone and their aunt has had a part to play in the long progress of Crossrail. Steelplan Products chipped in with Stainless Steel fibre enclosures on behalf of one of our long-standing clients.

Large LED Road Side Signage for the M25 / M3 Junction
Next time you’re on the motorway, take a moment to admire Steelplan’s handiwork on the LED roadside signs. Many of the sheet metal boards that hold the LED illuminated signage were crafted at our factory.

LED Screen Modules, Wimbledon and Leicester Square
We helped bring the excitement of centre court to Henman’s Hill (or Murray Mound, or whichever tennis player/naturally occurring land formation you prefer). Our team worked with a client to produce the modules that hold the LED screens. They’re also used at Leicester Square events and premieres – but that’s not our only foray into the film industry…

Next month, find out how our clients have used Steelplan Products behind the scenes in film and television.

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