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On the road: Three places you can spot steelplan products.

Vehicle Armour
We supply a fully finished range of products for a manufacturer of 4×4 accessories and upgrades. The high-specification sheet metal components are produced and finished to a high standard, to withstand heavy wear and tear on (or off) the road.

Racking systems
Steelplan worked very closely with a leading manufacturer of vehicle racking solutions, to produce reliable, high quality racking systems suitable for a range of vehicles. Our production team supported the brand through the design and manufacture process, to create a range of internal and external racking solutions that conform to Van Enhancement Scheme regulations.

A prominent safety signage company, based in the UK, enlists Steelplan to produce durable frames for their Hazchem signage, which are displayed on tankers transporting hazardous materials. The metal frames house the brand’s high visibility vehicle registration numbers and Hazchem symbols.

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